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Sweet Deals and Contests

Live in Calgary? Love to travel? We’ve got some deals for Calgarians who enjoy travelling with their little ones. The Flying Start package is aimed at Calgarians travelling with mobile young children. The package includes:

  • Angel Alert™ child tracking device
  • safety harness/backpack (frog or ladybug designs)
  • 1 pack of EarPlanes earplugs for children (yours to keep)

1 week: $25 / 2 weeks or more: $35

Add a CARES restraint or Baby B'Air flight vest rental to this package for an additional flat rate of $20 for a week (2 or more weeks for $25; a $5 minimum savings). Check out the CARES page for information on these two safety devices that make travelling with little ones both safer and easier. (They are also available to purchase from Little Traveller.)

Special shipping rate within Calgary Purchase a CARES or a Baby B'Air flight vest and enjoy xpress shipping within Calgary.

Summer play days: We now carry kiddie swimming pools, wagons and sand table for your little ones to enjoy.

Planning a Disney adventure? We’ve partnered with to offer you the very best insider Disney tips. Their service is free! Make a booking or a reservation through and get a free age-appropriate Disney DVD, CD, toy or book. Quote reference LittleTraveller101. And don’t forget to book your kid’s CARES airplane seatbelt or Baby B'Air flight vest from Little Traveller for the flights.


New gear

We have some great new summer rental gear specially aimed at families on the go. Ask about our UV playshade tents that pop up in seconds and are suitable for all ages. The playshade is perfect for the backyard, the cabin or the lake. Daily rate: $4 / weekly rate $24.

We also have a Chariot jogging stroller ( single). Great for touring the city, camping and hiking.

New to our inventory, PopATOT as seen on Rachel Ray. Same concept as an exersaucer, but it folds up for easy transport. Take to grandmas, on vacation, out for coffee etc. flods up into a carry bag. They are available for rent or purchase. Colors include pink, red and purple, and camo.

We have over-the-shoulder cooler bags available for rent for picnics or day trips. Pack some juice boxes and sandwiches in one when you head to the zoo or to Heritage Park. Daily rate: $3 / weekly rate $18.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib LightAs a result of many requests, we now have the BabyBjörn travel crib light available for rent. This is the perfect playpen to pack with you on a trip. It weighs only 11 lbs (5 kg) and is light and easy to carry in its carrying case. It can be set up in record time, in one easy movement. (Visit the manufacturer's website to view a demonstration of the ease of use.) Soft fabric makes it snug and cozy for your child. It is supplied with two luxurious organic cotton/bamboo fitted sheets. Avoid the worry about the safety of hotel cribs, this is one item you’ll want to squeeze in your suitcase! Or rent it for a weekend to try before you buy. We recommend this crib for 0 to 18 month olds. Daily rate: $12 / weekly rate $70.

All of our equipment is available to rent individually. We can also tailor-make packages for you.
Just call us with your requests at 403-242-4067.

Angel AlertAbout the products

Angel Alert™ – an unobtrusive child electronic tracking device that detects when your child strays too far from adult supervision. It’s ideal for busy urban areas, amusement parks and airports. And it’s easy to use! Simply pull the unit apart to activate. Your child wears the transmitter and you wear the receiver, which has an alarm that activates when your child strays an average of 30 ft / 9 m from you. The child’s transmitter includes a panic button that will sound your alarm. While it is no substitute for keeping an eye on your child, it’s a fail-safe for those moments when you are busy or distracted.

Safe.2.GoSafe.2.GoSafe.2.Go safety harness and backpack: These fun, child-friendly backpacks are simple to use. Just place the backpack snugly on your child’s back. Pull the tether out to keep your child close. Retract the tether when you no longer need it. We have two designs available: frog or ladybug. For children aged 11 months and up. (Invented by a mum. To read her story, click on

EarPlanesEarPlanes are a patented pressure-regulating earplug to reduce the discomfort often associated with air travel. These disposable ear plugs are made of two elements: a hypoallergenic silicone ear plug and a ceramic pressure regulator. They come in two sizes: child (ages 1 to 11) and adult (12 plus) and are good for two take-off and landings. “Take the airplane without the ear pain.” We have additional sets available for $8 plus GST.

Choke hazard tester

A choke hazard tester is a little cylindrical device designed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that allows you to test if an object is small enough to pose a choking hazard to children under 3 years. Little Traveller has some available for purchase. They make a great stocking stuffer for a new mum or an excellent safety addition to your diaper bag to put your mind at rest when trying out new toys. Cost: $4 each plus GST.